What is massage?

Massage is the therapeutic use of touch to improve health & well being. There are many different types & variations of massage. Massage varies from one to country to another, each with broadly different origins & aims. Some focus on soothing muscle pain, others on increasing energy levels, some aim to improve a specific physical condition, others simply to help you relax.

Basic forms of massage includes movements such as stroking, kneading, warming, rolling, pressing, friction, effleurage, percussion, hacking, cupping and vibration amongst many other varying techniques. These movements are applied with varying speed, intensity & depth.

Massage has significant benefits for all of the body’s essential systems & helps maintain our general health, fitness & flexibility. It complements traditional medicine in the treatment of specific conditions & symptoms, & remidiates against future injuries. Massage may also relax or stimulate the nervous system, reducing stress hormones or preparing the body for exercise. It is an effective way to help the body & mind relax, promoting balance, harmony & well-being.