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What is massage?
What are Holistic Therapies?
The Power of Touch
What are the Benefits?
What massage can do for you
What are the physiological effects of massage?
What can I expect from a massage treatment?
How can I ensure that the pressure is how I like it?
Will I have to undress completely when I’m having a treatment?
Do I have to do anything before my massage?
Do I have to do anything afterwards?
Are there any preccautions that I should be aware of?
Do I need to get approval from my doctor to have a massage?
I recently had surgery. Will it prevent me from having a massage?
I have high blood pressure, can I have a massage?
I have a heart condition, can I have a massage?
I have diabetes, can I still have a massage?
I’m pregnant, can I still have a massage?
I’m disabled, can I still have a massage?
I suffer from chronic pain, will massage help?
I have very sensitive skin, will it prevent me having a massage?
I suffer with PMS. What treatments do you suggest?
I’ve been feeling really tired & run down. What treatments will help me feel better?
My neck is permanently stiff as I spend all day on my computer. Will a massage help?
I’m feeling really stressed and it is affecting my sleep, will the treatments help?
Are holistic therapies a ‘Hippy’ therapy & a waste of time & money?
Is there any way to cut the cost?
Is there a charge for cancellations?
Get the most out of the treatment